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Welcome to! My name is Jeff Briscoe and I've created this website for my always-loveable and sometimes-trying 3 year-old daughter Anna Marie Briscoe. Who knows what the internet will even be like by the time Anna reaches her sweet 16, no less when she has a family of her own? Regardless, if things don't change that much, I want each of my kids to have a website as they grow up that identifies them to family and friends and whoever else may care by their name. I'm pretty proud to be a Briscoe, afterall. I hope they feel the same since I think we're building something pretty special down here in Southwest Florida!



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One of the newest developments for Anna is that she is taking much more of an interest in music. I think this started a few months ago when she was so proud she could sign along with her sunday school class. We then heard the chorus to "The Whole World In His Hands" about a zillion times. It was really cute. I even managed to trick her into recording it into my cellphone, but I did think better about making that my ringtone! I do have my limits in cornyness...eventually! Lately she's even displaying more interest in country music, which certainly makes her redneck daddy happy. Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift, who amazingly is nearly as close to Anna's age as she is to mine! Scary thought. Anyway, Anna loves signing lines from all Taylor's hits such as "the stupid old truck" song or the "don't tell your mama cause your mama don't know" one. And she does a really good job for a 3 year-old. I do think we'll keep her away from America's Got Talent or any of those type shows though. However, it would make me feel good if I could continue to listen to the same music my child actually likes!

Anna's Stats:

Birthday: October 19, 2004. Birthplace: Riverdale, Georgia. Height: 3'2". Weight: 36 lbs.

Anna's Interests:

Being girly like her mommy, getting dressed up, begging daddy to take her to the playground, going to the pool and the beach, Dora the Explorer, cheesy 1990s sitcoms on Nick-at-Nite, country music (especially Taylor Swift), going out to eat, being a mommy to all her babydolls, and obsessing over her hair!

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