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My Life In Pictures

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I don't have too much right now but this site needs an update, which is long overdue. As usual, my life is my family and the kids (and sports, naturally). Everyone is doing well, even if there are always plenty of day-to-day challenges in our lives. Moving back to Port Charlotte was definitely the right decision. Leaving Lehigh Acres feels like I left Latin America and came back to the United States!

Since I'm weak on material right now, I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures taken from my cell phone. I love cell phone pics because in exchange for a mere few million pixels of clarity, one can acquire a diverse and unpredictable array of subjects that I'd certainly never be able to capture with the regular camera. So let's take a look.

Here I am heavily sedated and about to get my wisdom teeth extracted. And yet I still found the will to take a self portrait!

I took this gem in Miami where there are no shortage of bad drivers in South Florida.

Here I am with my manly apron working in the kiddie nursery at our church.

Joe wonders exactly why the turtle crossed the road anyway?

I think we passed on going swimming this particular day.

And you can't beat a good sunset over the Gulf around here. I like to take pictures of them. You should see the crowds that gather to watch. I've even seen some people taking videos. Imagine the quality of one's life when you're kicking it on the couch watching videos of the sunset on the big screen? Who am I kidding? Sounds fun!