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Monday, January 8, 2007

The big game is finally here! The NFL playoffs have been fun so far. But college football is my 1st love. And no game is more anticipated by me than this year's National Championship game. I really think the Gators have a good chance here, as the underdogs often come up big in these kind of games after long layoffs. Ohio State is very good -- but I'm hoping the Big 10's less-than-impressive bowl season continues. Afterall, Southern Cal completely dismantled the much-hyped Michigan team in the Rose Bowl. At least nobody will now question that the winner of tonight's games will be our 2006 champion.

So far I'm 16-15 with my bowl pics against the point-spreads after 31 games. Not bad. While it's not good enough to win money to cover the juices, it's also a lot better than many high-paid ESPN analysts like Jim Donnen have done this year straight-up! And I'm sticking with my pick of a Gators win 21-20.

Finally, I just learned that NASCAR driver Bobby Hamilton Sr succombed to his fight with cancer yesterday at the age of 49. I'm saddened by the loss of one of NASCAR's really good guys and grieve for his family including his driver/son Bobby Hamilton, Jr. Bobby was an old-school driver who could do it all -- from building his cars to driving them to victory lane. I'll always remember his big win at Talladega in April 2001. I watched it from the bar of a run-down bowling alley in Houston County, Georgia. I quickly developed more interest in the race than the tournament in which I was competing. NASCAR had recently lost Dale Earnhardt Sr. and this was the first race back at a 2.5 mile SuperSpeedway. The drivers gave it their all and put on one of the best races I've ever seen in Dale's honor. His friend Bobby Hamilton took the checkered flag that day in the old Square D #55 Chevy. Good memories. Rest in peace, champ!